breakmyzencart FAQ

This is an unofficial FAQ but it still may be useful to you ;-)

Q: How do I contribute to this FAQ?
A: Click on Edit this page, copy one question-answer paragraph to the place you find suitable and replace question and answer with your input.

Q: Where is the official Zen-Cart FAQ?
A: The official Zen-Cart FAQ can be found at

Q: What are useful sources of information on Zen-Cart or Zen-Cart contributions?
A: Apart from this site, you may want to browse the Official Zen-Cart FAQ and the Zen-Cart Support Forums.

Q: How does a store owner show several different pictures of the same product in several different sizes? For example, let’s say a car dealer wants to show the exterior of the car on the index of the site and the interior and exterior of the car at index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=x
A: I’ll post the answer when I find it, 4 hours looking so far.

Q: Your question (which has been asked frequently) goes here?
A: The meaningful answer that you obtained or found out yourself by spending countless hours in front of your screen goes here.

Q: Why has the “zoom” effect or watermarking stopped working?
A: Apparently, the Small Image Width and Height must be equal to the Width and Height of Image - Product Listing, Product New Listing, New Products, Featured Products, and Product All Listing. You can change those settings in Admin > Configuration > Images.

Q: How do I get rid of the pageY javascript error?
A: If you are getting the dreaded javascript pageY error, open your includes/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/jscript folder and make the following tiny change to the jscript_imagehover.js

Very near line 124 you should see:

ycoord += event.clientY - Math.max(0,(0 + zoomimg_h + (5 * padding) + event.pageY - docheight - truebody().scrollTop));

it should be:

ycoord += event.clientY - Math.max(0,(0 + zoomimg_h + (5 * padding) + event.clientY - docheight - truebody().scrollTop));

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